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Richard Borer

H. Richard Borer, Jr.
203.777.2000 ext. 261, rborer@esginh.org

Dena Cosgrove, Vice President of Human Resources

Dena Cosgrove
Vice President, Human Resources
203.777.2000 ext. 271, dcosgrove@esginh.org 

Joseph Galasso, Vice President of Retail Operations

Joseph Galasso
Vice President, Retail Operations
203.777.2000 ext. 267, jgalasso@esginh.org

John Gattilia, Vice President of Finance

John Gattilia
Vice President, Finance
203.777.2000 ext. 235, jgattilia@esginh.org 

Marcus Notz, Chief Information Officer

Marcus Notz
Chief Information Officer, Marketing & PR
203.777.2000 ext. 204, mnotz@esginh.org 

Joseph Parente, Vice President of Programs

Joseph Parente
Vice President, Programs
203.777.2000 ext. 231, jparente@esginh.org


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