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Our Goodwill Stores and Donation Centers help to support the programs of Goodwill of Southern New England. The money you spend in our stores goes to support employment and training programs for people with disabilities and other special needs. So when you shop at Goodwill, you get great bargains, and help someone with disabilities to find a job. Check our site for Stores in your neighborhood, and see the specials they have each and every week! And to become a Goodwill Pro, visit our shopping tips and go to one of our stores sign up for a Club Blue membership.

Some thrift stores solicit donations under the name of a charitable organization, but as little as five percent of the money generated from these donations may actually go to the charity.

Nationally, Goodwill is consistently ranked among the top charities that make your donations go further. When you shop and/or donate in our Goodwill stores, you help to improve the economic self-sufficiency of many people and their families – providing a sense of fulfillment and pride for all who believe in the power of work.

All Goodwill locations accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

All Goodwill merchandise is sold “as is” with all faults. Goodwill does not independently test for lead or other contaminants in consumer products. Goodwill makes every effort to comply with governmental recall notices regarding consumer products. Visit the Consumer Product Safety Commissions website for recall notices.

See our Return Policy for details regarding refunds.